Digital brand building

In digital brand building we made all online marketing and PR tools available which are necessary to successfully launch a brand and efficiently improve sales. Completing the communication strategy we work out a neat and clean framework to achieve your business goals effectively. The method of our brand image design ensures to emerge your company from the crowd as only you would exist on the market. In addition to this we are also ready to create your webpage even from scratch. During campaign planning and media buying we identify the best advertising places, grab the best deals and make the most out of the most effective digital formats. We are familiar with the rules and tricks with which social network marketing can be brought off successfully. PR service specialists with decade long experience look after of the improvement of your reputation and generate fascinating stories for the press as well.

PR services

Do you desire reputation and distinguished attention? Would you like get some media attention for the products or services of your company? Our specialists gained experience in journalism at significant media companies backed up with their expertise can always find the story which is interesting for the target group ensuring the continuous media coverage for you. As part of our PR services we look after your reputation in 360 degrees, starting from creating strategy until media monitoring and nurturing your media relations.

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PR szolgáltatások
Campaign planning

We fully understand that campaign planning is the starting point of the successful execution of marketing goals. In planning phase we think of the entire online toolset and pay attention to the tiniest details, factor in the period of time the campaign is scheduled for, the life cycle stage the product and/or the service is in, target audience and specialties of the target market. Based on all the above mentioned we put together a campaign plan which gives the most efficient answer to any given client need. With us you will appear in the right place at the right time thus the effect is inevitable.

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Communication strategy

Success can be achieved easily in case a thorough planning took place beforehand. The communication strategy is based on the full understanding of our client’s product, service during which we analyse the market environment, competitors, opportunities and challenges and prepare for unforeseen situations as well. We map out a neat and clean framework, identify and connect main targets, target groups, messages and tools to ensure the efficient and self confident achievement of the business goals of the company.

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kommunikációs stratégia
Brand image design

We believe in that everybody deserves uniqueness. With our long lasting solutions we enhance your company from the crowd as only you would exist on the market. During designing your brand image our primary aim is to create an appearance fully meeting the criteria of the digital world, fulfilling the client’s expectations and corresponding with potential customers. Our one­off methodology is the guarantee that we create an image, which is remarkable even at first sight and apply to all usual and uniquely available exterior of the company.

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Website production

We have solutions for all cases, from microsites to websites selling tens of thousands of products. We understand and use the hottest digital trends skilfully and provide mobile friendly layout or meeting the aspect ratio of any other device. Based on our self developed content management system we are able to react extremely quickly but can also carry out the development of unique solutions expertly. During the production of the webpage administration surface we use solutions similar to the desktop software. In this way the editing and management of our websites are always easy.

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Media buying

You can easily find the best purchasing option with us. Thanks to our methodology we reveal the best advertising places, pinch the best offers, and utilize the most effective formats. We use performance based solutions with fondness in order to maximise the effect. With our self-developed online marketing tools we can achieve outstanding results even with being on a lower budget. Having hundreds of successfully completed campaigns behind us we meet our previously set goals in all cases.

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Social network communication

We are familiar with the rules and tricks with which social network marketing can be brought off successfully. We continuously monitor the tiniest changes of the target group and after exploring the demand of the target audience we segment it and create tailor made solutions for communication and messages. We fully understand that communicating in social media is not a one way channel therefore we carefully select and integrate various social network platforms and fine tune the communication besides persistent tracking.

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