Performance based marketing

In Performance marketing we achieve the most important business goals of our clients mainly with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. We can propose appropriate ad networks for any business goals, whether it is direct sales, lead generation or brand promotion. We have got several years of experience in managing effectively Google AdWords campaigns, as a Google Certified Partner our knowledge is always up to date. We also have many years of experience in managing campaigns in other PPC networks (e.g. Facebook, CTnetwork), and in YouTube campaigns management as well.

Integrated PPC strategy, advertising account audit

Want to advertise, but don't know how to start? Based on your business goals, within the framework of an integrated PPC strategy, we determine the advertising systems and ad formats can be used, and their proportions. We work out a long-term implementation plan, which can be inserted among the other elements of your marketing strategy. You have already tried to run PPC ads, but you weren't satisfied with the results? After reviewing and analysing your advertising accounts, we reveal the causes of failure, and we propose a more effective implementation.

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Making and managing PPC campaigns

When planning PPC advertising activities, and making campaigns, we always start from the business goals of our clients. In general, we recommend the combined usage of multiple advertising networks, as they can reinforce each other's impact, and allow reaching more complex goals. We emphasize the creation of measurable results, and we base on these data during the continuous campaign optimization. We conclude the most important results in monthly reports.

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Google AdWords

Advertising in the Search Network of Google is an excellent choice in case of sales or lead generation goals. With this solution, we can achieve high-income from relatively low costs too, so it can be effective both for small, medium and large corporations. In case of planning a product launch, or brand building, we suggest the Display Network of Google. With these more spectacular ads appearing in different websites, mobile apps or in video content, you can reach those members from your target group, who wouldn't show any interest in your product or service. Update: you can already advertise in Gmail with interactive, expandable ads.

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Facebook is one of the most popular advertising networks nowadays. It can be equally effective solution for brand building, for lead generation, or even for increasing sales. With spectacular image and video ads, millions of home users can be reached; however, extremely precise targeting is also possible. As a secondary effect, Facebook ads can result great social activity, so more visitors can be reached cost-effectively.

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In case of branding goals, if you wish for outstanding reach, do not miss YouTube! The most popular solutions are in-stream video ads priced on the basis of views, but you can also run text ads, image ads, or other animated ad formats as well. Using video ads is an excellent choice, if you want to reach young people, or even children!

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Advertising on Instagram is a relatively new option in Hungary. If you want to deliver your message mainly to young people, be sure to schedule this network! It can be an effective solution for brand building and for lead generation too. On Instagram we can also run spectacular image and video ads, we can target precisely, and we can achieve great social activity like on Facebook.

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Would you like to run B2B campaigns? Would you like to reach business or professional target audiences? If so, choose LinkedIn ads! You can find your target audience among hundreds of thousands of Hungarian users, and it is possible to target by professions, by field of work, or even by work experience. Hungarian language can not be used in ads at the moment, but we can advertise in English, in German and in major languages.

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CTnetwork was the first Hungarian PPC advertising network. It is our own development, which was created in 2004. Ads can appear on different partner sites like on Google Display Network. The system is mainly suitable for brand building, or for supporting a product launch, but advertising on this network can indirectly increase the number of searches for the product/brand, and can also result "assisted conversions". Unlike other PPC networks, CTnetwork mainly use fixed click fee instead of bidding system, which allows more accurate planning.

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Integrated PPC campaigns

PPC campaigns allow a very accurate targeting, efficiency can be increased on the basis of measured results, and advertising costs are well controlled. These are the main advantages of PPC campaigns. In general each advertising system serves different purposes, they operate in different ways; however they should be used in appropriate combination in many cases, because they can reinforce each other's impact, and allow reaching more complex goals. Effective advertising in different advertising systems requires a lot of up to date knowledge and experience, for greater efficiency it is recommended to entrust it to experts!

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